Slow android mobile - Clean your android tips and tricks 2016

Well, I was use mobile with android for many years and one of problems with android is that becomes slower after some time - month or year of use. I have some helpful tips for android users.

Android is like windows require maintain like any other os. There are some useful stuff that we can do.  When I was bay new mobile with android first that I was do I am disabled some apps. Go to settings - General - Apps and scroll from right to left for All apps list and disable if you don't need:

1 Android System WebView
2 Chrome
3 Drive
4 Google App
5 Google Play Games
6 Google Play Movies & TV
7 Google Play Music
8 Google Play Newsstand
9 Google +
10 Hangout
11 Internet (default browser)
12 Maps

Just click on any of this app then click uninstall updates, force stop and button Disable.

I was disable all of this google apps and I have more free space on mobile, more memory. I was disable all of this apps but user can leave some apps like chrome...
I was replace chrome with CM browser because I can move CM browser to SD card and it is smaller and faster then chrome.

It is preferably that user manually clean cache every week in Settings - Storage and tap to Cached data.

When press Home button we get all running apps - tap Clear all if mobile was slow.
"CM Lite" is great app for temporary clear memory and junk files from mobile phone and antivirus protection.

Just one more suggestion - don't root your mobile if there is no great need for that.
In many case after mobile was rooted it is slower or has other problems from my experience. 

If mobile was still very slow after all of this steps then user must check storage space on mobile, messenger apps(drain too match memory) like facebook apps or any other apps that is all time in memory. Last action if mobile was unusable is factory restart for mobile phone. Before factory restart user must make Full mobile backup with factory or some other tools because factory restart delete all user data.

Factory restart option is on Settings - General - Backup & reset and Factory data reset tab.

That is all.

Share it here If someone know any other useful trick for android.

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